Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hidden Feelings..

There you go, making that face again
Biting onto your lips
You’re hiding your weak side
But deep in those eyes, I can see you cowering
If you had a true heart,
You would care, cry, call for someone and worry
Why are you holding onto the pain?
Share some of it with me
If you don’t think it’s possible right away,
You can do it slowly, bit by bit
We don’t have wings, but I’m sure we’re only finding times that we can’t fly
I’ll call for you to the limits of my voice
So that you won’t get lost
Soar up to the sky with your gentle heart,
Ride on the wind, and get it all at once.

writen by : akimaru-chan
to : da one who request..

p/s :blek blk busan2 wat la ayat2 cmbesh as requested=D

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